Organic Balloon Garland

Organic balloon garland Organic balloon garland Organic balloon garland

With its unique and eye-catching style, the organic balloon garland has become a staple to any event that wants to take its decorations to the next level. Organic balloon garlands come in all shapes and sizes and colors(it's what separates them from other balloon decorations) and are sure to catch the attention of all of your guests. With its unorthodox and natural-looking style, the organic balloon garland effortlessly brings the festive mood to any event. If you’re looking to make your next celebration an unforgettable experience, you can never go wrong with an organic balloon garland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given that we use only the highest quality balloons, an organic balloon garland can last for more than a week if it is left in indoor weather.

We make organic balloon garlands by blowing up a lot of balloons of different sizes and connecting them together by tying them up or with string. The real difficulty, however, with making an organic balloon garland is in creating a natural look to the decoration while still making it look beautiful and structured.

Depending on how big your desired decorations are, organic balloon garlands are $20 per foot.
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