Balloon Mosaic Letters

Balloon mosaic letters

Balloon mosaic letters are perfect for making a significant other feel appreciated on their special occasion. These letters really stand out and nothing feels better than having your name showcased in big bold balloon letters standing 4 feet tall. With balloon mosaic letters, you can be certain that your child, friend, or significant other will never forget their celebration and will look back and remember these decorations for years to come. If you would like to pleasantly surprise a significant other, you can never go wrong with balloon mosaic letters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given that we use only the highest quality balloons, Balloon Mosaic Letters can last for more than a week if it is left in indoor weather.

We make balloon mosaic letters by blowing up a lot of balloons of different sizes and fitting them neatly into their container. The real difficulty, however, with making balloon mosaic letters is planning out the color coordination and ensuring that one color is not too dominant while also making them fit in their container.

Depending on how many numbers you order, balloon mosaic letters are $95 each.
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