Balloon Centerpiece stand

Balloon mosaic letters

The balloon centerpiece stand is known for its ability to make any table instantly look much more festive. With its wide customizability, a balloon centerpiece stand can be tailored to match the vision you have for your event or celebration. Made of the highest quality balloons and our expertise, our balloon centerpiece stands are sure to attract the attention of all of your guests. With these centerpieces, you can rest assured that your event will be unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given that we use only the highest quality balloons, a balloon centerpiece stand can last a week if it is left in indoor weather.

We make balloon centerpiece stands by blowing up a lot of balloons of different sizes and fitting them neatly into their container. The real difficulty, however, with making a balloon centerpiece stand is planning out the color coordination and the addons while ensuring that the decoration itself stands out.

Since balloon centerpieces can have such varied customizations, the price really depends on the design chosen. Balloon centerpiece stands range from $20 each to $45 each.
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