$695 Specialty Package

At Balloons for Party, we like to go above and beyond. Over the years, we've become specialists in a unique style of party decorations know as Sublimation Panels, which originates 10 hours away in sunny Brazil. It consists of a 5 foot custom round wall, 3 custom cylinders, matching beautiful carpet flooring, and of course, eye-catching balloon decor, all of which make your party come to life. They are available in more than 20 themes, which can all be seen in the form below.
Additionally, in this package we wanted to stuff as much value as possible so we've also added 3 dozen tasty personalized sweets(yes that's 36 mouthwatering pieces of candy for your guests), 12 custom goody boxes, and a stand to go with all of those sweets. Additionaly, we've noticed how much our clients love the eye catching 14 foot balloon garland so we've included that in this bundle at a heavily reduced price(normally $300). We know how expensive parties can be, but that doesen't mean you have to settle for less than the perfect celebration. This is why we are proud to be offering this complete party package for only $695(worth $1000+).

With this affordable and highly customizeable bundle, your dream party can now easily become your next party. See the form below for more information.
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